Specialist Course: Studying Families

Studying families: focus on qualitative methods and approaches for interdisciplinary collaboration

This interdisciplinary course brings together PhD students and professors from the fields of sociology, (empirical) ethics, psychology and anthropology under the umbrella-theme of ‘family research’. The aim is to exchange views on research methodology with an emphasis on data collection and analysis and interdisciplinary collaboration. In addition to presentations by the guest teachers, students will present a part of their own research and highlight the challenges they encountered as well as give and receive feedback from the rest of the group.

This specialist course offers students the opportunity to learn from lecturers with extensive expertise on conducting research with families and from a range of disciplinary backgrounds. Participants will be stimulated to exchange ideas with teachers and peers about how to go about their own qualitative research project and how to potentially apply specific strategies to improve their work.The course offers excellent networking opportunities for the students thanks to discussions and feedback-sessions. This Specialist Course will also boost participants’ professional communication by making an appeal to their presentation skills and their ability to formulate and receive constructive feedback. Discussions regarding the prescribed literature help to sharpen their ability to distil the main ideas from a text and to convert elements from methodological literature into tools and approaches that are applicable in their research practice.

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