Johan Braeckman


Johan Braeckman (1965) has a Masters degree in Philosophy (Ghent University, 1989) and Human Ecology (Free University of Brussels, 1990). He also studied Environmental History and Human Ecology at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Braeckman has been affiliated as a researcher to the Department of Philosophy at Ghent University since 1990. In 1997, he obtained a PhD in Philosophy with a doctoral dissertation on ‘The natural order between inevitability and coincidence, benevolence and enmity, design and evolution: the darwinian transition'. In 1998, he was appointed as full time professor/lecturer of Philosophy. His main area of interest is in Philosophical Anthropology, a discipline that questions what it is to be human and how to situate Homo sapiens. His focus is on the theory of evolution and Bioethics.
Since 2002, Braeckman has been chairman of the Lucien de Coninck Trust, a trust in memoriam of one of the founders of the Belgian humanist movement. He is also chairman of ‘De Maakbare Mens' - a non-profit organization that focuses on ethical and social implications of medical and biotechnical developments.

Braeckman is (co-)author, contributor or editor of several books and articles, columns and reviews. He has published scientific articles and reviews in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Medical Ethics, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Xenotransplantation, Personal Relationships, and Flemish Veterinary Journal. Among the books he has authored or edited (in Dutch) are: ‘Environmental philosophy: From ecology to ethics' (Ghent University, 1994), ‘Darwin confesses murder. The development of Charles Darwin's thoughts' (Nieuwezijds, 2001), Copyright: A bioethical essay (Leuven University Press, 2001), ‘Ethiek van DNA tot 9/11' (Amsterdam University Press, 2005).

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