Sigrid Sterckx

Sigrid Sterckx is a (fulltime) Professor of Ethics at Ghent University and a (10%) Professor of Ethics at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).


She lectures courses in Theoretical Ethics, Methods in Ethics, Contemporary Continental Ethics, Global Ethics, Environmental Ethics and Applied Ethics.

Her current research focuses on:

- ethical aspects of biobanking, organ transplantation and patenting of human body material (particularly genes and stem cells);

- ethical issues regarding human enhancement (attempts to enhance non-disease related traits);

medical decision-making at the end of life (particularly terminal sedation);

- environmental ethics and governance, focusing inter alia on climate change and global as well as intertemporal justice; and

- ethical aspects of the patent system.

She has (co-)authored numerous publications in international journals and books (see publication list in CV – link provided below). Sigrid also serves on various advisory boards and commissions, including the Belgian Advisory Committee on Bioethics which advises the Federal Government, and works as an ethics consultant for various EU research projects.

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