Seppe Segers

Seppe Segers holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy (Ghent University 2015, summa cum laude) and a Bachelor’s degree in Social policy (Arteveldehogeschool Gent 2012, magna cum laude). He joined BIG in 2015 to work on a study about the practical, legal and ethical aspects of research on human embryos in various European countries. In 2018, Seppe was awarded the 'EACME - Paul Schotsmans Prize for young talented scholars'. He completed his PhD in 2019.

Seppe currently takes part in the SEGa project which deals with the science and ethics of stem cell-derived gametes. His research focuses on the moral importance of genetic parenthood. In the light of this, new innovations in assisted reproductive technology, such as the use of stem cell-derived gametes, are evaluated. He also works on the ethical aspects of genome editing, fetal medicine and ectogenesis.

Seppe’s broader interests lie in social and political theory, normative ethics, meta-ethics, philosophy of language, history of science and philosophy of medicine.

Seppe is the secretary of the Bioethics Institute Ghent and member of the steering committee of De Dag van de Filosofie.

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Seppe Segers