Ignaas Devisch

PhD Ignaas Devisch (1970) is professor in Ethics, Philosophy and Medical Philosophy. He holds positions at Ghent University and University College Arteveldehogeschool, Belgium and was research fellow for five years at the Radboud U

niversity Nijmegen.

He is chairman of a Belgian organisation (de Maakbare Mens) which reflects ethically and philosophically upon biomedical evolutions. (www.demaakbaremens.org)

As a philosopher, he works at the faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine. Since 2003, he teaches philosophy of medicine, social philosophy, ethics and bio-ethics.

Research interests: philosophy of medicine (patient autonomy; responsibility; lifestyle; obesity; justice); social philosophy (multiculturalism; identity; community); ethics; His research focuses mainly on Autonomy, lifestyle and responsi

On a regular basis, he intervenes in public debates on issues regarding philosophy of medicine or social philosophy.bility in healthcare.

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Some recent publications:


(2012) Devisch, Ignaas, Nudging and obesity: how to get rid of paternalism? Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, DOI 10.1007/s10728-011-0175-y

(2012) Devisch, Ignaas, The tribunal of modern life: The case of UZ Brussels in the light of Odo Marquard’s discussion of autonomy and theodicy. The Journal of Evaluation of Clinical Practice (accepted on April, 29, 2012)

(2014) Devisch, Ignaas en Vanheule Stijn, Singularity and medicine: is there a place for heteronomy in medical ethics?  DOI: 10.1111/jep.12110

(2015) Devisch, Ignaas and Vanheule Stijn, Foucault at the bedside: a critical analysis of empowering a healthy lifestyle. JECP; doi: 10.111/jep.12329



(2012) Devisch, Ignaas et al. Retreating religion. Fordham University Press, New York

(2012) Devisch, Ignaas, Jean-Luc Nancy and the question of community (Bloomsbury Press)

(2013) Devisch, Ignaas et al, (Sick of Health) Ziek van gezondheid. Voor elk probleem een pil? De Bezige Bij, Antwerpen.

(2016) Devisch, Ignaas, Rusteloosheid (Restlessness) (De Bezige Bij, Amsterdam)



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