Katerina Sideri

Dr Katerina Sideri, Marie Curie Senior Individual Fellow, Bioethics Institute, University of Gent, Belgium.                                                        Katerina

Previously associate research fellow at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford, lecturer at the Law Department, University of Exeter, PhD at the Law Department, LSE. My expertise covers Intellectual property law, innovation policy, political theory, and behaviour and functions of administrative agencies. My latest book is Bioproperty Biomedicine and Deliberative Governance. Patents as Discourse on Life (Routledge, 2014). I am funded by the European Commission as a Marie-Curie Individual Fellow for a two year project with the title ‘Biased Artificial Intelligence and the Remaking of Mental Health' and Professor Sigrid Sterkx (BIG, University of Ghent) is the collaborator/supervisor of the project. Big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are changing the face of health research, drug and device approval, and delivery of care. The project focuses on data driven medicine and pays particular attention to the ways AI may serve the purposes of bureaucratic classification for managing cost-effectively medical problems despite its great potential to deliver better care. At the same time, governments work with powerful private entities such as Google and Microsoft so as to make possible the transition to the new system raising important privacy questions. Using a variety of qualitative techniques and legal/policy analysis the project outputs will discuss ways in which artificial intelligence may perpetuate societal bias and create new algorithmic groups based on new medical classifications, and as such new identities and new forms of discrimination. Ultimately the project will seek to contribute to the debate of designing ‘good AI’ by means of making concrete policy proposals in favour of a system that does not lose sight of the individual​.

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