Farah Focquaert

Farah Focquaert has a Master’s degree in ‘Moral Sciences’ (2001), ‘Logic, History and Philosophy of Science (2002)’ and ‘Conflict and Development’ (2003) (Ghent University). In 2007, she obtained a PhD in Philosophy on the philosophy, psychology and neuroscience of mindreading (Ghent University).

She is affiliated to the Department of Philosophy and Moral Sciences at Ghent University. She was a Visiting Research Fellow at the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, Dartmouth College (2005-06) and participated in their Summer Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience (2005). She is a Research Fellow of the Research Foundation- Flanders, and a member of the Moral Brain research group.

Her current research, situated in the field of neuroethics, focuses on the philosophical and ethical issues surrounding neuromodulation research and treatment for psychiatric conditions (e.g., questions related to personal identity, the mind-body problem and criminal behavior).

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